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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should we do when an AV collection is ready to rotate to the next library?

A: Check the list UHLS sent to you and note on it what you’re sending, what is still out with one of your patrons, and what is missing. Then send the list on to the next library with the collection.

Q: What should we do when we receive a rotating collection from the previous library?

A: Check to make sure you have received the correct collection. Print the item list for your collection and check it against what has come. Then check your list against the list that came with the collection, noting any differences. Check in each item in the collection. Search for the missing items in Sierra. If a missing item is neither checked out nor in transit from another library, change its status to “Missing.” Then notify Amy DuBrey at UHLS of anything that is missing through the Replacement Item Request Form.

Q: How will we know when it is time to rotate a collection?

A: You will receive an email notification two weeks before a rotation date. One week before the rotation date you will receive another email notification which will tell you where to send the collection to next.

Q: What should we do if a patron loses or damages a rotating collection item?

A: Alert Amy DuBrey at UHLS by either emailing a request for replacement or by sending a printed Replacement Item Request form. If the item is damaged, send it back to UHLS. Amy will withdraw the missing or damaged item and send you a new item plus an updated list.

Q: Does the patron pay for a lost or damaged rotating collection item?

A: We leave that to your discretion. If you collect a fee, you keep that money. We suggest you follow your own policies so that rules appear consistent to your patrons. However, we prefer not to receive a replacement item purchased by the patron.

Q: How will UHLS know when items are missing?

A: Each time a collection rotates, the receiving library checks for missing items. However, if you observe that something is missing or damaged at any point during the rotation, notify UHLS for a replacement. For each of these items, email a request for a replacement or send a Replacement Item Request Form to Amy at UHLS. She will mark that item missing and send a replacement item and email an updated list to you right away.

Q: When will new items be added to the AV rotating collections?

A: We weed multiple collections each rotation, and add replacement items to those collections at the same time.

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